"I long, as does everyone, to be at home, wherever I find myself." - Dr. Maya Angelou

For the past 4 to 5 years, I found myself building a home in the Web Development field. This portfolio will tell you who I am and showcase what I know, and love. Please, fulljoy. :)


Skillshare Newsletter Email - created with

Disney+ Promotional Email - coded with HTML5 and CSS

Transactional Email Project - coded with HTML and CSS

Weather App - coded with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and API's (Shecodes)

Pet Landing Page - coded with HTML, and CSS (Shecodes)

Facebook clone - coded with HTML, and CSS (CodingPhase)

Hello again! I'm Keilia. Born on the land of wood and water: Jamaica. I have a passion for the simple things in life. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of very small things, and making them look big. I love hanging out with mother nature, and my twin daughters who think they're My mother(s) 🤦‍♀️ (lol).

My journey with Web Development started in 2018 after a lot of research for a new career journey. I started watching youtube videos to get myself familiar with it. I grew a love for Coding because it reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle. I appreciated the fact that everything has a place.

I also enjoy the problem-solving aspect of coding. I am that person who will comb through the code to find the missing comma. I live for the feeling after figuring out what broke the code. Macro-photography of a dragon-fly. And, when I need to feel grounded and centered, you will surely find me at a park, between the trees, with my hands and feet in a river.